Manufacturing and sale of sandwich panels in Moscow

ProfHolod LLC is a manufacturing company specialized in production of structural sandwich panels with polyuretahe foam PUR and fire-proof polyisocyanurate PIR filler.

In a brief space of time, thanks to the high quality and competitive price, our product confidently occupied the leading positions in the Russian market of polyurethane foam (PUR, PIR) sandwich panels and it finds a wide application in various spheres of industry and construction.

We have at our disposal our own sandwich panels manufacturing site equipped with the most up to date equipment by the leading European companies (PuMa, Saip). High quality standards, advanced technologies and great experience allow us to produce the sandwich panels, which meet the present day Russian and European requirements and regulations.

We don’t rest on our laurels and constantly expand our manufacturing activity and the product range. Thus, we offer:

Polyurethane foam (PUR, PIR) sandwich panels for refrigerating chambers construction

LLC "ProfHolod" manufactures wall and roofing sandwich panels with the polyurethane foam PUR and fire-proof polyisocyanurate PIR filler, which allow You to build in short time:

  • production, administrative and warehouse buildings
  • agricultural facilities
  • logistic terminals
  • stores, supermarkets
  • prefabricated temporary facilities (cabins)
  • security posts
  • refrigerating chambers and warehouses

ProfHolod company has the reputation of a reliable and trusted manufacturer and supplier of heat-insulating polyurethane foam (PUR, PIR) sandwich panels. The best equipment and components, the advanced production technologies and great experience help us to manufacture the product, which meets all the latest European requirements.

Sandwich panels, applied in construction, represent modern components, whose primer destination is the mounting of prefabricated buildings, refrigerating chambers, warehouses, commercial and service facilities. The ideal filler for the sandwich panels, which is able to provide a secure level of thermal insulation, today is the polyurethane foam (PUR, PIR).

What’s your convenience in purchasing ProfHolod’s sandwich panels?

  • The modern European equipment, including the continuous and periodical lines for sandwich panels manufacturing.
  • As the heat insulator, we use the polyurethane foam PUR and fire-proof polyisocyanurate PIR filler, developed under the receipt elaborated under the exclusive order by the world leading polyurethane foam systems manufacturer – Dow Chemical company.
  • As the panel facings, we use coated galvanized metal supplied by the leading Russian or foreign metal manufacturers, as well as other materials (OSP, chipboard, plywood, paper, foil, Zinc-aluminium, magnesium glass, plastic etc).
  • European standards of the multistage quality control.
  • Wide color range
  • Shortest manufacturing time of sandwich panels due to the possibility of producing the panels either on the continuous line, or on the periodical dispensation line.
  • Competitive cost of sandwich panels.
  • Logistically advantageous location of the company’s warehouses (near Moscow).
  • Prompt product delivery to the customer’s destination.

Purchasing Profholod’s sandwich panels means to have the guarantee of the product meeting all quality standards. The prices of the polyurethane foam (PUR, PIR) sandwich panels advantageously distinguish us from the competitors – view price lists.

The application in construction of ProfHolod’s three-ply sandwich panels based on polyurethane foam (PUR, PIR), provides a series of advantages in comparison with the other materials:

  • Sandwich panels with the polyurethane foam (PUR, PIR) filler considerably reduce the energy-consumption costs. As the heat insulation properties, polyurethane foam is 5 times superior to the common construction materials such as, bricks or concrete. At the thickness of 100 mm the ProfHolod’s sandwich panel is equal to a 1,5 meter common brick wall or a 264 mm mineral wool panel.
  • The use of polyurethane foam sandwich panels noticeably reduces the project cost and the terms of construction. Compared to the common materials, the erection time of a polyurethane foam sandwich panel building can be 10 times shorter. This result is achieved due to the replacement, for example, of the labour-consuming brickwork with the simple, quick and convenient sandwich panels mounting. Also, the assembling can be performed in any season, using the skeleton of any material. It is absolutely obvious that the erection cost of such a building will be much lower and will provide a faster break even. In addition, the construction site will pleasingly amaze you with the almost complete absence of material waste and garbage.
  • Polyurethane foam (PUR, PIR) sandwich panels allow to reduce considerably the transportation costs. It is much more simple to carry the light and solid polyurethane foam panels than tons of bricks, cement, sand, concrete slabs and lumber. Compared to the mineral wool panels, the walls made of polyurethane foam panels are much thinner, and you can have a threefold economy in transportation.
  • The effective service life of polyurethane foam (PUR, PIR) sandwich panels is at least 50 years. The standard facing of ProfHolod’s panels is made of 0,5-0,7 mm galvanized steel with a multilayer corrosion-resistant coating, primer and decorative polymeric coating. The polymeric coating is protected with the special 50-micron thick film, preventing the damage of panels during the transportation and mounting.
  • Any building made of sandwich panels will always look modern and prestigious. Polyurethane foam sandwich panels are exclusively industrially made. Their ideal surface doesn’t need any external or internal finishing. Moreover, the rich color range of the panels can satisfy the taste of any architect or designer.
  • Compliance with all fire regulations. Sandwich panels with the PUR insulator don’t sustain combustion (fire resistance limit EI15), which makes it possible to use them for the construction of refrigerating chambers and warehouses. For the construction of industrial and civil buildings, the PIR sandwich panels are used. The sandwich panels with the fire-proof polyisocyanurate PIR filler are referred to the G2 combustibility group, V1 flammability group, D3 smoke-forming ability, T2 combustion products’ toxicity group, RP1 surface flame spreading group. The roofing sandwich panels have the fire resistance limit RE30, the wall panels - EI30-EI45.
  • Compliance with all environmental regulations. The polyurethane foam (PUR, PIR) insulator is approved for the use in residential buildings by the Russian Ministry of public health (No 07/6 561 of 26.12.1986). Sandwich panels with the polyurethane foam (PUR, PIR) insulator meet all the hygienic requirements for the food storage. The epidemiological certificate is available.

Another advantage of sandwich panels is the possibility to modify at any moment the internal layout or the external look of the building without sustaining significant financial costs.

Delivery conditions of the sandwich panels

We do our best to offer the complete package of services to our clients, when purchasing the polyurethane foam sandwich panels, including the delivery of the panels. The panels are shipped not only about Moscow and around, but to any region of Russia. Sandwich panels are delivered in their original packages, which provide safety of the items in accordance with cargo transportation rules. Considering the route peculiarities, we’ll suggest the most convenient logistic conditions and the goods will be delivered in the shortest possible time.

LLC "Profholod" - manufacturing sandwich panels with the polyurethane foam (PUR, PIR)

Our competitive advantage – own high tech manufacturing site, provided with modern European equipment.

The manufacturing site includes:

Continuous line

Continuous line for polyurethane foam (PUR, PIR) wall and roofing sandwich panels production

In August 2012, at the new ProfHolod company's plant, the most up to date in Russia continuous line for production of polyurethane foam PUR and fire-proof polyisocyanurate PIR wall and roofing sandwich panels was launched. The line’s capacity is 2 500 000 square meters of sandwich panels a year.


Polyurethane foam sandwich panels production department

Two periodical dispensing lines are installed at ProfHolod's plant, and they permit to produce high quality sandwich panels up 9300 mm long, with smooth or profiled surface, with the thickness from 40 to 200 mm.

Производство, ПрофХолод

Powder coating department

The department has the high tech equipment, which guarantees the uniform spreading of the powder. The department's operation involves European-made powder paints of a wide color range (all colors of the RAL catalogue). The modern and progressive painting technology makes it possible to obtain the coatings with excellent protective and anti-corrosion properties.

Производство, ПрофХолод

Metal welding, cutting and bending department

Metal processing is performed by the modern equipment by FUTURA (Italy) and produce a wide range of profiles either of the standard size, or custom-made according to the sketches and drawings.

Completed projects:

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