About company

ProfHolod is a leading Russian manufacturing company, specialized in production of insulated sandwich panels with polyuretahe foam PUR and fire-proof polyisocyanurate PIR core. 
ProfHold exports insulated panels and cold room doors to USA, Europe, Middle East and CIS countries.

Our products occupy the leading positions in the Russian market of polyurethane foam (PUR, PIR) sandwich panels for a wide application in various spheres of industry and construction. 

ProfHolod manufacturing site is equipped with advanced machinery by the leading European companies PuMa and SAIP. 
High quality standards, our own R&D center, advanced technologies and great experience allow us to produce advanced insulated sandwich panels, which meet Russian and European requirements and regulations.

ProfHolod constantly expands manufacturing and product range. We offer:

  • Continuous line for manufacturing of wall and roofing polyurethane foam sandwich panels (PUR, PIR);
  • Polyurethane foam sandwich panels production department;
  • Refrigerating chambers assembly section;
  • Powder coating department;
  • Metal welding, cutting and bending department.

Details on our manufacture

Delivery of insulated sandwich panels

ProfHolod offers delivery of the panels to any destination in Russia or worldwide. Sandwich panels are shipped in their original packages, which provide safety of the items. For every our client we find the most convenient transport solutions to deliver the goods right on time.

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