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LLC Profholod is a manufacturing company located in Shelkovo, Moscow region. The in house high tech production facilities are based on the efficient equipment by leading European manufacturers.

ProfHolod company is specialized in the manufacturing of the following items:

  • Wall and roofing sandwich panels with the polyurethane foam and fire-proof polyisocyanurate PIR filler;
  • Energy-efficient buildings and industrial refrigerating chambers;
  • Doors for refrigerating chambers;
  • Shaped profiles (flashings);

The first plant was put into operation by the company in 2005. At the moment it was fitted out with Cannon equipment (Italy), which allowed to produce sandwich panels up to 3 meters long.

In September 2007, the department with the most up to date equipment by SAIP (Italy) was put into operation for the manufacturing of polyurethane foam sandwich panels used in the construction and refrigeration fields.

Since 2010 the NEW line manufactured by SAIP has been operating, which is able to produce sandwich panels with the length up to 9,3 meters.

In April 2012, along with the other sandwich panel market leaders, ProfHolod became one of the founders of the National Association of polyurethane foam panel manufacturers (NAPPAN).

In August 2012, the second plant was put into operation. The most modern in Russia continuous automatic line by PuMa (Italy) was installed there. The line is capable to produce wall and roofing sandwich panels with the polyurethane foam PUR and fire-proof polyisocyanurate PIR heat insulator, with the length up to 15 meters at the speed of 15 meters per minute.

New ProfHolod plant

In 2014, we plan to install the second continuous line. Thus, the plant capacity will amount to 5 000 000 square meters of sandwich panels a year. The implementation of the project will allow ProfHolod to increase the plant’s capacity up to 5 000 000 square meters of sandwich panels a year, to gain the leading positions and to satisfy the main part of of the demand for sandwich panels with the polyurethane foam (PUR, PIR) filler in the central part of Russia.

The manufacturing site includes:

  • Continuous line for manufacturing of wall and roofing polyurethane foam sandwich panels (PUR, PIR);
  • Polyurethane foam sandwich panels production department;
  • Refrigerating chambers assembly section;
  • Powder coating department;
  • Metal welding, cutting and bending department.

Details on our manufacture

Principles of work

ProfHolod collective

Today ProfHolod LLC is a confident leader of the Russian polyurethane foam (PUR, PIR) sandwich panels market. We managed to achieve such a success, first of all, thanks to our well-thought personnel policy and creation of the unique corporative relationship system. Our employees’ professional competence is always the main priority, which is fundamental in every structural unit of the company. It allows to elaborate the long-term strategy of development of the company and of the relationship with our clients.

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