PIR SLAB energy-efficient heat insulator

PIRSLAB, PIR, POLYISOCYANURATE – is a kind of solid polyurethane foams, a unique material, as its heat insulation properties. The heat conduction is equal to 0,020 W/(m*K), which is at least 50% better than all the existing heat insulators. At present, polyurethane foams are widely used either in industrial construction or in any home fridge.

Rofessional heat saving at your home

PIRSLAB – is a light and solid hydro- and thermo-insulating material with cellular structure. Only 3 per cent of its volume is the solid PIRSLAB material, which forms the rib-and-edge framework. This crystal structure stiffens the PIR slab. The remaining 97 per cent of the volume is occupied by cavities and pores filled with exceptionally low heat conduction gas.

Profholod company is a manufacturing enterprise located in the town of Shelkofo, Moscow region. We are 8 years old. The main direction of our activity is the production of sandwich panels with the POLYURETHANE FOAM (PUR) and fire-proof POLYISOCYANURATE (PIR) filler, and also, the manufacturing of industrial refrigeration doors.

We have been actively operating for more than 10 years in the field of industrial refrigeration, and we can confidently declare to be professionals in the sphere of cold and heat saving. We hope that this new innovative product, the PIRSLAB, will help You to find radical solutions related to energy-saving:

  • Heat insulation of a house, cottage, garage, utility room or loggia.
  • Creating home comfort in any climatic conditions.
  • Noticeable reduction of heating and air-conditioning costs.
  • Elimination of the mildew or fungus.
  • Excluding of the penetration and damage caused by insects and rodents.
  • Possibility to forget about all the above tasks for 50 years.

The production technology of the PIRSLAB heat insulator has been developed by the world leading polyurethane systems manufacturer - Dow Chemical company under the ProfHolod's exclusive request.

  • No-compromise energy efficiency. The heat conduction coefficient is equal to 0,020 W/(m*K).
  • Comfort in any weather. Warm floor in winter and cool attics in summer.
  • Noticeable reduction of heating and air-conditioning costs.
  • Does not support combustion. When exposed to flame, creates a carbon matrix crust on the surface, thus preventing the further fire spread.
  • According to the GOST 30244-94, the PIRSLAB heat insulator is certified referring to the G2 combustibility group.
  • Polyurethane foams have become a long-standing and indispensable part of our life. They are used as the filler for mattresses, clothes, footwear, vehicle seats etc. Even the beehives today are made of polyurethane foam.
  • Approved for use in residential buildings by the Russian Ministry of public health, 07/6-561 of 26.12.86
  • Approved for use at refrigeration facilities for food products.
  • Maintains the same heat conduction for at least 50 years.
  • Prevents the fungus or mildew, doesn't absorb moisture.
  • Excludes the penetration and damage caused by insects.
  • Excludes the penetration and damage caused by rodents.
  • Resistant to the temperature fluctuations.
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PIR SLAB energy-efficient heat insulator

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