PVC strip curtains

Heating or refrigeration of industrial, commercial, storage facilities, refrigerating warehouses and chambers - are among the main energy consumption factors. Such costs grow considerably due to the frequent door opening. Installing the transparent PVC strip curtain in the door aperture helps to reduce noticeably the energy consumption in such cases.
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PVC strip curtains proved to be very efficient when installed in the following facilities:

  • refrigerating and freezing chambers (refrigeration plants, meat factories, dairy industries, confectionary factories, fish factories, breweries, refrigerating containers)
  • entrance / exit gates (industrial enterprises' warehouses in different fields of activity)
  • industrial facilities – on entrance / exit and for the division of the space in production sections (furniture factories, typographies, airports, auto enterprises, car washes, pharmaceutical industries)
  • shopping areas (supermarkets, stores, markets).

PVC strip curtains have the following properties:

  • the use of the PVC strip curtains reduces the loss of heat and chill up to 50%
  • the use of the PVC strip curtains protects against dust and odor
  • installation of the plastic curtain is very fast, providing good flexibility in its use
  • PVC strip curtains do not reduce the illumination intensity of the room due to its transparent material
  • The curtains do not obstacle the passage of people and transport thanks to their flexibility
  • PVC curtains are simple in cleaning (water and detergents).

The PVC curtains offered by ProfHolod company, represent a metal "comb" made of 1,5 mm thick stainless steel AISI 304, on which are hanged the strips of transparent PVC having the thickness of 2 or 3 mm, and the width of 200 or 300 mm.

To be hanged, the PVC strips are clamped between the stainless steel plates by means of blind rivets.

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