Sandwich panels manufacture

The companys manufacturing site is provided with modern high tech equipment by the leading European manufacturers such as, SAIP, PUMA, FUTURA etc.

Continuous line for polyurethane foam (PUR, PIR) wall and roofing sandwich panels production


In August 2012, at the new ProfHolod companys plant, the most up to date in Russia continuous line for production of polyurethane foam PUR and fire-proof polyisocyanurate PIR wall and roofing sandwich panels was launched. The lines capacity is 2 500 000 square meters of sandwich panels a year.

The continuous automatic line PuMa (Italy) practically totally excludes the human factor in the sandwich panel manufacturing. Being more the 180 meters long, the line allows to produce sandwich panels with the thickness from 40 to 200 mm with the productivity of 15 meters per minute.

Polyurethane foam sandwich panels production department


This production department is provided with the modern equipment by SAIP (Italy), a well known in the Russian and world markets supplier of polyurethane equipment. SAIPs success is based on the use of the newest achievements in the field of polyurethanes and industrial equipment.

Two periodical dispensing lines are installed at ProfHolods plant, and they permit to produce high quality sandwich panels up 9300 mm long, with smooth or profiled surface, with the thickness from 40 to 200 mm.

Powder coating department

RAL catalogue

The department has the high tech equipment, which guarantees the uniform spreading of the powder. The departments operation involves European-made powder paints of a wide color range (all colors of the RAL catalogue). The modern and progressive painting technology makes it possible to obtain the coatings with excellent protective and anti-corrosion properties.

Metal welding, cutting and bending department

Metal welding, cutting and bending department

Metal processing is performed by the modern equipment by FUTURA (Italy). We produce a wide range of profiles either of the standard size, or custom-made according to the sketches and drawings. Our advantageous distiction from the competitors are the speed and quality of the order execution.

Materials for production

We use for production only the best materials and components by Russian and European suppliers:

  • Galvanized coated sheet metal by the leading Russian metallurgic enterprises or purchased abroad, with the thickness of 0,5 0,7 mm
  • As the filler we use the polyurethane produced from European-made components by DOW CHEMICAL.
  • Accessories: eccentric INTERTECHNICA locks, door hardware by MTH (Italy), KIDE (Spain), RAHRBACH (Germany).
  • OSB panels by EGGER (Germany)
  • Special 50 micron protective film

We can produce sandwich panels with the foam polyurethane filler using practically any facing material instead of metal such as, paper, foil, zinc-aluminium, OSB, MDF etc.